This Family Went On a Treasure Hunt, What They Found Will Inspire Your Own Adventure

By Jack Day

If you have ever experienced the joy of discovering some kind of treasure in your life, then you know how fun it was for this Reddit user to open a trunk they found from that belonged to their great grandfather.  The grandfather apparently never told anyone about it and so it made the find even more interesting.  While there was no gold, money, or other immediately profitable items, the treasure inside gave them the opportunity to indulge their sense of curiosity.  Check out these photos and take the journey with them; by the end you will be blown away at how deep this rabbit hole goes.

Old. Check. Beat up. Check. Curiosity piqued. Check. Let’s open this bad boy!


 The hinges lost their “hinginess” long ago it seems.


 Letters are always fun.  Like puzzle pieces of someone’s life.


 Hmm…what’s the title of that book?