This Family Decided to Restore This Old Truck; You Have to See The Results!

By Richard K. Noots

Ever want to restore old vehicles? Well, most of us would say that it requires too much work. In this case however, one family decided that the only way their daughter could get a truck is if they built the thing practically from scratch. Don’t believe me?

Definitely a project.
1 definitely a project

I mean, they even have to pressure wash the skeleton.
2 pressure wash and paint

But the whole family is willing to help!
3 even the uncle

Painting the frame.
4 painting frame

A slow, but sure, process.
5 slow but sure

Interior before.
6 interiorbefore

7 interior after

Now, it has a z71 engine as well!
8 z 71 engine

Is it even the same vehicle anymore?
9 is that even the same

She chose 1950’s Classic Blue.
10 1950 classic blue

All it took was team work.
12 work together

And a lot of parts.
13 bam

They’ve won plenty of autoshows since completion, however.
14 auto show win

I’m impressed.
15 pretty nice

Here’s the whole gang!
16 whole family