This Ensemble Takes Their Sheet Music Clubbing & the Result Is Fantastic

By Jack Day

If you were a semi conscious human alive during the 90’s then you know that iconic DaRude song Sandstorm. It basically became the anthem for all electronic dance music and the beat is forever cemented in music history as the major check point for that genre. It’s The Big Lebowski of songs for Techno music: It was the sound for it’s time and place, it just fits right in there. Now comes this group of six concert musicians to breath new life into the song with accordions. It’s always cool to hear the outcomes of songs when the medium is slightly different and these 6 here nail it. So the next time you’re in the club and the DJ spins some Darude, just know you’ve heard a classier rendition! Bravo people, bravo!

What did you think of the video? Did it inspire old memories from your youth? It did for me as I grew up in Las Vegas and this song was on the radio every five minutes in ads pertaining to night life. I do like the nostalgic effect though. Any other classics from your youth you have heard performed in a different manner? Tell us your stories and share your comments please!