This Brazilian Firefighter Saves a Woman From Killing Herself With a Ninja Kick Of a Lifetime

By Anne Cacherell

A Brazilian fireman saved a woman from killing herself by giving her a drop kick to the chest to throw her back inside the building.

The 34-year old suicidal woman was on the verge of taking her own life by jumping from the 10th floor of an apartment building in Fortaleza, northern Brazil. But this one brave firefighter came scaling down the wall with his rappelling gear and with just one ninja kick, sent the woman back through the window.

All the action from the rescue operation was captured in this short film.

Hopefully, that epic kick also sent the woman back to her rationality. Sometimes, we have to do some drastic moves to save others from making mistakes in their lives. Aside from a ninja kick, do you have any other suggestions on how you can prevent someone from making selfish decisions? Share with us your thoughts.