A Billionaire Is Putting 99% Of His Fortune Into Helping Invent a Future With Purpose

By Jack Day

If you are not familiar with Manoj Bhargava, then take a couple minutes to watch this video and you will be glad you did. He’s the guy behind 5-Hour Energy who is now a multi-billionaire. Instead of just sitting on his piles of cash or partying in Cancun with Girls Gone Wild, he has decided to spend all of his money solving the worlds greatest problems from the water crisis, to renewable energy, to serious advancements in the medical field.

The goal is to deliver products and solutions that directly impact humanity. Bhargava says, “If you come up with something that is cool, but not useful, we don’t do it. I have no interest, I don’t wanna be cool. Actually I’m never gonna be cool.”

Now there is a refreshing statement coming from a billionaire. Watch the video to learn more about the amazing things Bhargava is working on with his teams of engineers and scientists.

“There’s an old story about a blind man heading towards a well and there’s a guy who’s watching. If the blind man falls in the well, who get’s the blame? If you’re watching something that you can prevent, you gotta something.” That is exactly how philanthropists and humanitarians see the world. What do you think about all these projects? Please tell us your thoughts and share this awesome story with your friends and family!