These Students Donated Their Money For a Class Trip to Help Sick Kids, Then Karma Gave Them the Best Surprise Ever

By Jack Day

“The compassion and the love, they just care for one another.” Those are the words a group of teachers at John A. Renfro Elementary School in Collinsville, Illinois used to describe one particular class of students. The reason is because of the lesson they are teaching everyone else in human kindness and empathy.

Two of their classmates have been undergoing cancer treatment during the school year, and each time the boys are absent the entire class feels it. They don’t want the their teacher to do certain things like pass out cupcakes or have a game day, for fear of their friends missing out.

Recently one grand act of kindness from the students led to a very special surprise for the whole class. At the end of the story, this group of kids prove that sometimes the highest quality of knowledge can’t be learned in a book.

What an inspiring bunch of kids! To be so empathetic towards their classmates and compassionate with their huge donation is truly remarkable. Do you have any stories to tell about a time when sacrifice played a role in your life? Did it give you good karma? Please tell us your experiences and share this awesome story with your friends and family!