These Children Have Something to Show You

By Richard K. Noots

There exists places that have been relatively untouched in the age of modern humans. In a small Tibetan village deep in the Himalayas, there exists the Children of Zanskar. Although their life style is slowly changing, there is an effort to make it change for the better. That is why this photography project, which you can support here, is trying show that these children exist.

Here’s where they live.
1 gorgeous desert

They seem happy.
2 they seem happy

What would you do if you were born here?
3 imagine living here

These kids choose to be studious.
4 studious

Although, this looks a little odd.
5 although this looks mildly cultish

Not an AM-PM in sight.
6 not an ampm in sight

A drifter’s paradise.
7 a drifters paradise

8 having fun

Do you want to help their book get published?
9 help their book get published