These 7 Pictures Will Make You Want to Never See a Volcano

By Richard K. Noots

Martin here happened to be in Indonesia when a pretty large volcano was set to go off around him. Instead of fleeing for the hills like any sane person would do, he opted to instead set up a photo shoot. Oh, and not only did the volcano blow, the static electricity also caused a lightning storm in the smoke. Not to mentioned the tornadoes that showed up at the tail end to help make this seem like an apocalypse-level event.

Over 8,000 feet high.
8,000 ft


This looks insane.

The place was named Sinabung.
Martin Rietze sinabung volcano indonesia

No deaths until the tornadoes hit.
no deaths

Which was also just as crazy.
series of tonadoes

So …

How do you feel about islands now?