The Will to Survive Is Still Plentiful During the Worst Drought In Over 100 Years

By Jack Day

California and microcosms of it like the City of Mendota are facing some of the bleakest times in their history. Specifically due to the worst drought in 125 years. Most farmers have given up and a majority of the workers are living in makeshift shacks they have built out of scraps. Watching this video reminds of The Dust Bowl by Ken Burns a little bit. The people might be down at their lowest, but not out. “We have to help each other out and put our self interests aside,” says one worker. It’s sentiments like that the people use to survive, and the hope that the rain will again return.

What did you think of the story of Mendota, the 5th poorest city in the entire state of California? It’s quite disheartening to know that water exists right next door, but it gets tied up in bureaucracy and fickleness. Tell us how this video made you feel and share and insights you might have regarding the situation.