The Future Stopped By & Left This Awesome Video Of a Robot Chef
By Jack Day

Don’t like to cook? But you love robots? Well then you my friend are in luck! Allow me to introduce you to “Robo Chef.” Moley Robotics is the company behind the world’s first robotic chef, and they are hoping that with the future success of their creation the possibilities will be endless. 

While still in prototype mode, the robot chef looks to be promising. If fast food restaurants get a hold of this technology there will certainly be some major changes in the game. You may one day find yourself thanking an actual robot who not only took your order, but prepared it, accepted your money, and wished you a good day. Welcome to the future.

What do you think about the robot explosion that is taking place? Are we nearing a whole new realm of society with all this automated technology? Please share your thoughts and comments!