The Crazy Bastards Finally Did it … Life Hacks for S’mores

By Richard K. Noots

Everyone and their mother loves a good S’more. Moreover, everyone in the world who has come across chocolate, fire, crackers and marshmallows in the same sitting knows how to make one. But these S’mores you’re about to see aren’t normal by any stretch of the imagination. They’ve been made bigger, more delicious and more likely to give you a heart attack. But we don’t care about that, so let’s dig in!

Add Cookie Dough!
Add Cookie dough

Cookie Cutter With Hershey’s Kiss
Cookie cutter with Hershey Kiss

Dip them in Bailey’s!
Dip them in bailey

Ice Cream S’morewich
Ice Cream S'morewich

Make them indoors with an iron skillet.
Make them indoors

Peach, Brie and Dark Chocolate
peach, brie, and dark chocolate

Simple … Add Peanut Butter.
Peanut Butter

Strawberry Short S’mores
strawberry short smores

Bought to you by the Keebler Elf!
Use Keebler Elves instead of Graham Crackers

Well, now I’m starving. Time to go cry and eat chocolate!