The Ancient Art of … Masking Tape?!

By Ivan Russo

Nasa Funahara has done something none of us have probably ever considered. That every-day tape people use for boxes, painting and … Other examples I’m sure exist is now being used for beauty! Masking tape (Luckily) comes in a variety of colors, so after Nasa managed to get done her style and technique, it only takes around a week to make a whole piece. You’re already scrolling, aren’t you?

Clear Skies
clear skies

Girl with Pearl Earrings
Girlwith pearl earrings

It was brown, wasn’t it?
It was brown, wasn't it

I like this version better.
like this version better

Mada Gertrude Primaversi
mada gertrude primaversa


Now what about duct tape?