She Started By Feeding the Needy From Her Own Pantry, She Didn’t Know It Would Turn Into Something Greater

By Anne Cacherell

The story of this ordinary woman, who makes it her life’s mission to make sure that no kid in her neighborhood gets hungry, is quite extraordinary. It all started when Cher Coner, a single mom from Detroit, decided to prepare extra meals from her pantry to give to the needy neighborhood kids. She didn’t expect that things would turn into something bigger than a simple lunch program.

When Coner realized that she won’t be able to meet the kids’ needs on her own, she get in touched with No Kid Hungry local affiliates, Gleaners Community Food Bank and United Way of Southeastern Michigan to ask for support.

In her neighborhood, Coner is an incredible hero that helps in changing the lives of many children across America.

In what ways can an ordinary person become a community hero? Share with us your thoughts.