Saving a Dog, Saved Two Former Inmates: How Companionship Can Change a Life

By Jack Day

Some former inmates describe their experience being reacquainted with the free world as ‘overwhelming.’ Some end up back in jail for committing similar crimes because they aren’t used to life on the outside. Others end up alone.

Pedigree is working to change that with the “First Days Out” Project.

The dog food company paired two inmates with two rescue dogs to help the helpless lift each other up. What ends up happening is amazing.

“Save a dog, a dog saves you,” says the company.

That’s exactly how it ended up. Both men are reintroduced to the world through their interactions with their new dogs. The animals force both men to get out into the world, make connections and ultimately begin finding work with the rest of society.

“Things started looking up so I decided to get cleaned up and start looking for a job,” says one of the ex-cons.

The program isn’t something ongoing, just a simple way to connect the brand with something inspirational. Just two men changed forever by some unwanted dogs at their local shelters.

What do you think about First Days Out? Is the project worth repeating in your community? Weigh in in the comment section below and tell us your impressions of this viral campaign.