Rob Dyrdek Shares Some Secrets about How to Be Amazingly Successful

By Jack Day

By now I am sure you have heard of Rob Dyrdek in one capacity or another. Well in case you have completely ignored most of pop culture, anything MTV or VH1 does, and you hate skateboarding then I can see how the name would elude you. However, you may want to take ten minutes and watch this video on how Rob built his current empire. He is a lot more than skateboards and hats. Starting several major brands that are now world famous and establishing himself as somewhat of a mogul were never part of the plan according to Rob, they just were things that took shape as he tried to have as much fun as he could. The lessons Rob has learned over the years are shared freely, and come across as the building blocks of his success. So for those of you looking to see what it takes to make a winning brand and successful life, check out the video.

What did you think of Rob’s insights? Can you relate to any of the concepts he has discovered for himself over the years? How about sharing some of the things you learned over the years and that way we can all learn from each other, sound good? I thought so!