Rich People and Occult Parties: 11 Photos You Need to See

By Richard K. Noots

Perhaps you have heard of the Rothschild family. They were famously rich in the 1700s, and the father scattered his children to different parts of the world in … Probably some sort of mad genius plan to control the world economy. Whatever it was, the family has since fallen off the radar to far more successful, practical business men. Interestingly enough however, some members of the family used their wealth to host insane, cult-like parties. These pictures have only surfaced just recently, but they’re a bit of … an eye opener.

The house was lit orange for ambiance.
The mansion was lit orange for ambience.

… Gaudy.
Ahem ... Gaudy.

Costume homage.
Costume homage

The dining set.
Dining set!

Kinda reminds me of Futurama.

Some guests.

The hosts, Guy and Marie-Helene Rothschild.
Guy and Marie-Helene Rothschild

The birds.
The birds!

At least the help looks normal.
The help looks normal

Turn down, for what?
Turn down for what

Uhhh …

I know, I was disappointed there wasn’t any orgy photos as well.