Relics, or Art? You’ve Got to Check Out What These Simple Jewelers Made!

By Kenny G. Thompson

In case you were wondering what to get your girlfriend this year, have you considered hand-made pendants? They’re always unique, and to be honest … I haven’t met one woman that wouldn’t at least love one of these. The team who makes these particular ones is a father/daughter jeweler combo, and they really kick ass. You can read her testimonial, as well as a link to her actually site. I definitely recommend a look!

Evil Princess Fashion
evil princess

It’s all very … Paganistic.

This one is a relic!

Eye of Sauron

Worship Thee!

My name is Carolina Breeze and I’m a 23-year-old filmmaking student from a little country somewhere in the world. About a year ago, my father (45) came to me and showed me a piece of jewelry he made out of scrap metal. The jewelry junkie inside me felt like my world had just turned upside down.

I was full of surprise, admiration and love for my father who just lost his job but still remained a creative person that never stopped using his hands to bring some beauty and magic to the world. It was a big pendant made out of copper wire from an old radio combined with some ugly beads he took from an old piece of my jewelry. My father had never made jewelry before, and there it was, simple yet perfect and annoyingly beautiful.

From that day on we’ve been designing different types of pendants, earrings and bracelets, all inspired by mythology, ancient cultures, Indian tribes, Celtic symbols, etc. My father is a real modern polymath: he draws beautifully with both hands, carves sculptures out of wood, used to be a tattoo artist for a while and now, he makes beautiful jewelry.