Pricey Basement Additions That Are Insanely Expensive

By Richard K. Noots

I’ll be the first to admit that these are really cool. Go ahead, and take a look at them. Remember to ask yourself, “what else could I do with this besides putting wine in it?” Seriously, adding a wine basement is a waste. However, it does class up your your living space by a lot. No one will question you in your house again if you have a wine cellar you can push them down.

Random glass?
1 random glass

Or secret door?!
2 secret staircase

Nope, just wine.
3 wine cellar

Many different types.
4 got one

Like this wooden style.
5 wooden style

Usually priced at $30,000.
9 30,000



  1. KJones says:

    Wow, if I ever need a place to put my 1,000 bottles of wine this is a great idea. I usually only have a couple of bottles at a time in my kitchen. I guess you could use it for other things as well, maybe storage of some type?

  2. Isaiah says:

    I’m pretty sure that I have never had that much wine in my house at one time. These wine cellars certainly are a great idea if you are someone who drinks a lot of expensive wine. I think I’ll just stick with my wine rack that’s already in my kitchen.

  3. Roger9 says:

    The glass floor looks a little out of place in the picture. I would go for a door that is similar to my flooring so it blends in. My wine rack looks pretty sad compared to the wine cellar in the floor.

  4. LostAble says:

    Maybe you could use it as a cold storage if you are not into wine. My guess is it belongs to someone who really loves their wine and makes their own?

  5. Cowboy722 says:

    Yea, I’m not really digging the glass door, but the wooden one is cool. It’s an interesting concept, but my wife absolutely hates spiral staircases, so she’s going to have to get down to the wine cellar the old fashioned way.

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