My Childhood Would’ve Been 10 Times Better With This

By Richard K. Noots

OK, seriously. How much cooler would play time have been with this thing around? Like, I could think of a million things to do. Play spaceship, climb around, jump off … Well, on second thought I probably shouldn’t be around this thing. However, if you want to at least go see it (or look it up on the internet), the name is Treehouse Djuren, and it’s in Germany. It won’t be easy, but I can tell you’re already thinking about busting out the tool set

Climb up! It’s only 18 feet high.

It’s a bird’s nest.
Bird's nest

Look at that porch!
Look at that porch!

Much Fallout
Much Fallout

It really does look like a spaceship …

That view!
That view

Just let us know if you fall off a tree, alright?


  1. stevej65 says:

    My life right now would be ten times better with this! How cool can you get! I could live in this ultra cool tree house no problem just hook the cable up and get me a frig.

  2. Torrance says:

    This tree house would be awesome enough for adults to play in. I want one in my backyard! I can just imagine all of the time I would be spending in that thing. Some people just invent the coolest things.

  3. Romero says:

    That could be used by adult guests for a sleepover, not just kids. If they want their own space to sleep put them up in the tree house. I notice it has a door and window so it would be semi-private.

  4. TimJF09 says:

    Right on dude! I could use this tree pad to escape some of the people in my house. It could be a great getaway for an adult, but yes it would have been cool to have this as a kid.

  5. ToddBT2 says:

    I grew up in a very urban environment so just the nature setting would have improved my childhood greatly. But yes this would have been wild to have as a kid.

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