Mike Towler & the Fox He Saved Are Proof that Man Can Have More Than One Best Friend

By Jack Day

When Mike Towler went for a drive one day 7 years ago he happened upon an injured fox on the side of the road. Being a compassionate person he took the little guy to a nearby veterinarian. After closer inspection they figured out that the fox must have been in a fight with a dog. His wounds were bad and became infected, but they were able to save him. A parasite called Toxoplasmosis had set in, however, causing the fox to suffer memory loss. It was up to Mike to either take him in, or have him put down.

So after several months of care and rehabilitation the pair became best friends, and Mike gave the golden fox the name Cropper. They live together in Mike’s snuggly cabin in the woods and are proof of the amazing bonds that we are so lucky enough to forge in life.

What do you think about Mike’s story? Good stuff right? Have you ever nursed a wounded creature back to life, and then become best friends? Please share your stories and comments!