List Building Revealed – Why You Need Several Mailing Lists to Maximize Your Success

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By Fabian Tan

When it comes to list building, one of the most crucial things you can do is to build highly targeted lists. The more targeted your lists are, the more responses you are going to get with your emails. If all your emails hit the nail on the head every time when it comes to giving what your subscribers want, you are going to see increased sales and customer loyalty.

Let’s say you have a business that teaches wealth creation. What happens if you build a list of wealth seekers on the Internet? That list might be somewhat targeted, but it is not as targeted as it could be. Some wealth seekers may be looking for jobs, others are looking for Internet businesses, and yet others are looking to make money in the stock market. So your list is only partially targeted and every time you mail out, only a portion of your list will resonate with your offers.

But what if you build a list targeted to only people who want to invest in the stock market? Will that be more targeted? Yes! These people are only interested in one thing – making money from investing in stocks. So you can tailor your email newsletter to these people better and get a higher response rate from your emails.

Let’s go even one further. Build a list of people who are only interested in gold investments. Now that’s even more targeted than building a generic list of people who are interested in stock investments. The people you get on this gold list will be interested only in investing in gold, so every you email you send can be ultra targeted. This is how people with small lists can trump people with big lists – because they are targeted lists.

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