Like to Talk? 5 Tips to Starting a Popular & Profitable Podcast

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By Spike Perez

Have you been looking for a way to share your unique perspective on the world with the world? Well, look no further. Of the many platforms available these days, podcasts have quickly become one of the more favored. According to Edison Research, about 46 million Americans listen to a podcast every month. It could be because of the accessibility while on the go or even the preference to listen rather than to read, but whatever the reason, people are tuning in and advertisers are taking notice.

So check out these 5 tips for putting together a podcast that will not only catch people’s attention, but also make you some money at the same time.

#1) Establish Your Purpose

The first step to a successful podcast is determining why you want to start a podcast in the first place. What’s your purpose? What information do you want to share with the world? Is it something you yourself would want to listen to? You need to find a topic you’re passionate about. Talk about something no one else is talking about. The more unique your topic is, the more listeners you will have, plain and simple.

#2) Pick the Perfect Name

Once you’ve found what direction your podcast is headed, next you need to name it. Create a name that speaks to your audience, a name that is clever and intriguing. Think of a name that stands out from all the others. There are millions of different podcasts all screaming to be clicked, so you need to find a way to make sure people are clicking yours first. And your audience will most likely be stumbling across your podcast through iTunes or Google search, so make sure there is a keyword or two that will help people find your topic easier.

#3) Get the Right Guests

While content is key to keeping people engaged, interviews throughout your podcast can also be very important. Make sure you’re talking to guests in person. This can create a more comfortable atmosphere and clearer audio. And talking to different people on different levels can show a variety of thoughts and opinions. Don’t always go for the well-known businessman or celebrity author because odds are, they’ve already talked to ten other podcasts, saying the same exact things. Look for guests that are compelling and raw. Those are the guests that will produce the best sound bites. They are also the perfect candidates to spread the word about your podcast because they were featured on it. Make it easy for them to share with their networks by producing sound bites from your podcast that they can easily post on their social media.

#4) Promote Your Podcast

And speaking of sharing, interviewees shouldn’t be the only ones getting the word out about your podcast… you need to be posting on every network you can get your hands on. And once you’ve done that, ask for feedback. Find out which topics get the most interest and use that to cater to your audience. If you’re on iTunes, ask for ratings and get reviews to help boost your standings in the directory.

#5) Make Some Money

There’s nothing like sharing your unique perspective on life with the world, but what if you could sweeten that deal with some extra cash in your pocket? Well it’s happening to podcasters all around you. The reason podcasts are so lucrative for sponsors is because their listeners are so loyal. A popular podcast can guarantee an upwards of 100,000 downloads per episode, which means 100,000 people are hearing the same advertisement guaranteed. What could be better than that?

So once you start to get a strong following, consider looking for sponsors. Typically, a corporate sponsor will have you talk about a product or service during your show. But you need to make sure you pick the right sponsor for your content and audience. You don’t want to be advertising something that your listeners can’t relate to or else you’ll risk losing them tuning in all together.

Podcasts are the perfect platform to share your thoughts and opinions with the world, but always consider your audience. If it’s not something you would catch yourself listening to on the way to work, then who’s to say someone else will. Keep your content interesting and exciting and give them something to keep coming back for and you’re guaranteed to make your first podcast a success.

Have you ever tried starting a podcast? How did it go? What other tips do you have for our readers? Let us know in the comments section below and don’t forget to share this with your family and friends.