It Turns Out, There IS an Art to Falling Down

By Richard K. Noots

It’s hard to stand upright sometimes, and Kerry Skarbakka demonstrates the struggle perfectly. He’s managed to nail the art of picturing people in precarious positions. Now, if you’ve been in one of these spots before, is this what it was like? I feel like these photos are ultra-realistic, but you’ll have to tell us in the comments. For now, just enjoy the Art of Falling Down.

Definitely not allowed.
definitely not allowed

This guy should really make safety videos.
he should make safety videos

I’m so afraid of this!
im so afraid of this

Interesting angle … Or lucky.
interesting angle

That’s a long way down, sir.
long way down

You’ve so much to live for!
so much to live for

This is dangerous.
this is dangerous

Up, up and away!
up up and away