Is Your Business Lacking Creativity? 4 Tips to Help You Break Through Your Barriers

thinking guy
Image by: bykyst
By Giovanni Fields

So your creative fortitude has diminished over the years and you find yourself at a stalemate as to how to proceed through the invisible barrier that is inhibiting your business. Don’t feel bad, all entrepreneurs eventually face these kinds of troubles somewhere along the road, and for you, that time just happens to be now.

There are many ways in which you can pull yourself out of your creative funk, all you have to do is put the effort and brainpower forth to get out of it! Okay, that might be something that’s much easier said than done, but it doesn’t hurt to try. And in case you need any help igniting the sparks, here are 4 effective ways which can aid you in that process.

#1) Attention to Detail

 Paying more attention to every nook and cranny of your business will provide you with a somewhat objective view that will spark your thoughts and concerns about whatever you’re analyzing. By actively paying closer attention to detail you will find things about your business, your colleagues and even yourself that you may have not had the pleasure of seeing while preoccupied with your routine concerns.

Any large, properly functioning organization always has a network of smaller systems which had been honed to something near perfection–and after so long of doing this, the organization in turn becomes more stable, innovative and therefore creative.

#2) Ask Stupid Questions

Stick your neck out there and make yourself look like a complete idiot by asking things that no one else would even bother to. Why do such a thing? Well, while it sounds trivial or even immature, asking stupid questions allows you to deconstruct any big-headedness and foster your curiosity into something that will accentuate your creativity.

This is the reason why young kids ask so many questions about the smaller things in life; it’s because they are natural creators! A child’s mind hasn’t been obstructed by the filter we place upon it after entering adulthood, and therefore they feel no need to uphold a know-it-all facade.

Putting your pride aside as the know-it-all entrepreneur may be one of the toughest things you’d be willing to part with, but trading this in favor of a more child-like view (child-like, not childish) on your organization will likely result in innovations and advancements that can benefit your business. Of course you’ll want to keep your confidence in the meantime, as asking a stupid question forcefully will be taken more serious then a stupid question asked stupidly, if that makes any since…

#3) Confidence in Your Creativity

And speaking of keeping your confidence, creative confidence is essential to not only building a successful organization, but also in everyday life. When you assemble your outfit in the morning I bet you coordinate your colors or sport a certain style that makes you feel comfortable throughout the day, right? This is because, whether you realize it or not, you are subconsciously being creative.

The type of car you drive, the kind of sunglasses you wear and even the style of facial hair you wear is all a result of your creativity.

By acknowledging these small creative achievements you will likely become more confident in your creative prowess regarding your business. Would the product you’re selling be more lucrative if it were to be sold in different colors or sizes? Are there more diverse ways in which you can structure your online marketing campaign?

Are there ways in which you and your colleagues can achieve your goals more promptly and efficiently in the workplace? These are examples of questions that will likely arise upon developing your creative aura.

#4) Ignore Your Voice of Judgment  

As we grow up and the creative filter continues stonewalling our thoughts and ambitions, a little voice of judgement in our minds bored from the creative filter may impede us from taking necessary risks that can lead to the advancement of out organization. It may or may not be true, but in my opinion those who are able to dictate their actions even after hearing the inner voice of judgement are the entrepreneurs who will become millionaires.

The term ‘Thinking Outside The Box’ essentially means bypassing the creative filter which inhibits most of our adult brains’ creative functions. So that may mean, from time to time, that your best option might not always be to adhere to your conscious mind.  Instead consider what the child in you has to say. Taking risks in business is essential for growth, and, unfortunately, our voices of judgement might not always be okay with that.

Innovative creativity is something that’s few and far between amongst the vast majority of entrepreneurs. Are you one of the lucky few who has been blessed with such a gift? If so, feel free to share with others about how you developed your creative prowess!