These Scenarios Will Help You Gauge How Much Awful You Can Handle

By Richard K. Noots

The people over at Reddit came up with a list of their very own personal versions of Hell. I gotta say, you want to take a look at the entire conversation, it’s pretty hilarious. We’ve got 8 bests that we at Danjur think would be … Just a travesty to be trapped in. However, some of these may be tolerable or even enjoyable, but we are not judging.  It’s good to know the different things that bother people, just in case you happen to be guilty of one or two of these offenses.  Remember to pick your favorite or add your own in the comments! 

I’m OK with the last part … I think.
I'm ok with the last part ... I think


Especially when you’re trying to sleep!
Nostril blockage

Oh my god.
oh my god

So boring!
So boring!

I just wanna stand!
stand up

Styrofoam sounds. Ick.

This is Hell.
This is hell