Human Compassion Rescued These Dogs from Almost Being Dinner

By Jack Day

On a cold winter day in South Korea a kennel of dogs was destined to be sold and the dogs all butchered.  The Humane Society International stepped in when the owner of the dog farm wanted to get out of the business.  Instead of just euthanizing them the animal group will distribute the dogs throughout the United States to various shelters and all are expected to get adopted.  None of these dogs have even know a life outside of a cage.  It’s amazing how a world away there is compassion for man’s best friend, and now these pups will all get a second chance because of it.

What did you think of the video about these rescued dogs?  Instead of tragedy all the time, it’s really good to hear about the success that groups like The Humane Society are finding in their plight. If you own a dog, or any pet for that matter, you know they are like family.  Please tell us if you have any animals that you rescued and are now giving a second chance to!