How Well Do You Know Your Facebook Friends? Watch As One Man Gets to Know Everyone Over Coffee

By Jack Day

How many of your Facebook friends are really your friends?

For many of us, Facebook is a collection of people. Maybe you’ve never met them, maybe you know them really well. Either way, Facebook has made it possible to know them without any physical interaction.

So one man is taking a personal challenge and having coffee with every one of his 1,088 friends. Matt Kulesza, a 28-year-old student from Australia, says he met some, but many of his Facebook friends are just people he’s interacted with for work or through other friends.

What he discovered was very telling of the way the modern generation connects with humanity.

“I kinds feel like I’m being selfish in a way like I’m trying to get something out of everyone to sort of, develop me as a person. But I dunno, there is that element of personal growth so that’s been, yeah. It’s actually one of the most rewarding things I’ve ever done with my life,” says Kulesza.

Follow him on his journey to connect with people instead of relying on digital compatibility.

How many of your Facebook friends have you met? Do you accept requests from everyone? Take a look at your list and decide how connected you really are with your “friends” and leave your comments below.