How To Choose The Best Shoe For Your Workout

Image by: Brooks
By Phillip K. Issa

Shoes are perhaps the most important part of our workout gear. Ever run a mile barefoot? I have, and it is not a good idea. But you are smarter than that, you wear shoes when you train. Check.

But wear a pair of bad shoes and it could take days to recuperate, not to mention the possible long-term negative effects left behind. So it goes without saying – yet here I am – that your shoe choice is a rather important one

But I am not here to talk negatives, I’m here to enlighten you, tip you off to three hot workout shoes designed specifically for the workouts you do.

Sport Specific Are Best For Runners

Running shoes are only good for running. They are designed to go forward only, not to cut and weave like, say, basketball shoes. You can cause all kinds of injuries using the wrong shoe.

A fantastic shoe for dedicated runners is the Trance 11 from Brooks (pictured at the top of the page). These shoes are highly recommended as they feature a super-soft “marshmallow-like” cushion sole and excellent arch support. Trance 11s also come in several different colors, so pick your fave shades.

Image by: Zappos/Adidas


A note on “crosss-training” shoes: they are average for all sports. Meaning, they are great for none. All-purpose is fine if you train multiple sports or stay in the gym during your workout, but be warned that your results will not be as good as if you were wearing the proper footwear for the sporting occasion.

A good bet is the Adidas Bounce series of cross-trainers (pictured above). This line comes in all shapes and sizes, including a Porshe-designed pair that will set you back almost $500. We’re focused on the down-to-earth priced models which feature a futuristic exterior surface, a comfortable fit and plenty of support.

Image by:
New Balance

Trail Running

Well-suited for the treacherous trail, the New Balance Camo Minimus 1010 Trail (pictured above) is a great shoe and smart-looking as well (It’s camo!). This lightweight shoe is designed to be worn with or without socks. It also features a third of the drop of traditional running show varieties.