Here’s a Realistic Approach to Facing the Crap We Deal With Every Day

By Anne Cacherell

Sometimes, we all just get tired of speaking properly, politely and sweetly.

In this awesome clip titled, F*ck That: A Guided Meditation, film producer Jason Headley offers a modern approach to deal with a lot of crap in your imperfect life that drives you insane. It is reasonable and healthy to sometimes find some quality time alone and search for that inner peace that has been buried somewhere inside you by every day stress.

By doing this guided meditation, you’re actually giving yourself a certain sense of control over the world and the crazy things that are happening around you. Though it doesn’t come with a guarantee that it will solve your problems, taking time to listen to what this guiding voice has to say won’t hurt. It may actually be spiritually and emotionally beneficial once you give it a try.

Just remember that no matter how much problems you’re going through, you are not alone. Did this guided meditation work for you? Is it calming enough? Tell us what’s on your mind.