Here Are 10 Ways to Help You Decide If You & Your Best Friend Should Have a Sitcom

By Jack Day

So in case you were wondering what TV show could best describe the friendship you have with your buddy why not use one actually called Friends to help you out?

 #1) You seek their approval in all things.


#2) All comebacks are made twice as good when you’re working together. 


 #3) No one does a better impression of your friend than you do.

#4) Whenever one of you is a little slow on the uptake, the other always makes sure you get there eventually.


 #5) One of you is considerably more affectionate than the other.



#6) The party doesn’t start until you both walk in. Together. Because you always arrive together.


#7) Sometimes one of you gets a little too worked up about something, but the other is always there to calm you down.


#8) The two of you can be completely childish sometimes, but neither of you care.


#9) You find the exact same things funny.


#10) You miss them anytime they’re not around, and couldn’t imagine life without them.