He Dreamed Of Becoming a Star Athlete & He Achieved It With Only One Leg


By Anne Cacherell

The only disability in life is thinking that it’s impossible to do something without even trying. Born with one leg, Nico Calabria defied the unimaginable when he achieved his dream of becoming a star athlete.

With his disability, one would never really expect him climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro on crutches at the age of 13 to raise funds for charity or playing for the US National Soccer Team and representing his country in the World Cup. It’s incredibly insane but it’s real. Well, it’s true that not everyone can play soccer well, but if you only have one leg and you can excel in it, then that’s a real big deal.

Watch Powerade’s mini-documentary or video montage of Nico’s childhood as he takes his journey to the World Amputee Team.

A person is not defined by his disabilities but by how he dictates to himself how his life is going to be. Do you find Nico’s principle in life impressive? Tell us what’s on your mind.