Guess What? Odell Beckham is a Mutant

By Charlie DeWitts

Catches like what Odell Beckham did a few weeks ago shatter the world of what it means to pay attention to Football. Yet, this guy somehow manages to do it on a routine basis. He’s young, and unstoppable. His popularity has soared since, but the NFL has a way of chewing people up and spitting them out in small rundown counties no one’s heard of. What do you think? Next Hall of Famer or just a guy with a lucky arm? You decide.

Here it is!

Directed by Michael Bay.

Just practicing.

Odell and Eve

Just gettin’ ready for the big game.
PRegame warmup

I think he might have a little going for him.

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  1. jestert123 says:

    I saw that catch live and that should be on every top greatest catches list of all time. I love the giff in this post that shows him practicing catching with one hand.

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