Google Stock Poised To Display Positive Results

Image by: Robert Scoble
By Steven Morrison II

People tend to forget about Google (GOOG) as an investment. This is something I have never understood. Google is a money machine that regularly gives investors big opportunities to score, yet it always seems to fly under everyone’s radar. It is as if Google is invisible, everywhere … but invisible.

It is like a child playing hide and seek, who merely puts its hands in front of its eyes and thinks no one can see them.

Well, kids – you should really open your eyes and give Google a long, hard look right now. Why am I so hot on Google? Google (GOOG) stock is poised to rise, rise rise. SinceĀ  October 18, the stock has been on an upward march and looks to keep on going until it goes past its previous high of $768 earlier in the same month.

But be forewarned – Google stock is prone to sudden falls as they are ever at the mercy of governmental watchdogs, foreign censors and ongoing legal battles. The very next day after reaching $755? The tech stock plummeted to $695. It then went all the way down to $647 before beginning its upward climb to where it is now.

On Dec. 14, GOOG closed at just under $702. On the following Monday, the stock went through the roof and closed at almost $721. You can see where this is headed. You can make $30 per share very quickly here, but you have to buy now and not be afraid to sell at $751.

Google Continues To Impress

The search giant makes over $35 billion a year in ad revenue alone (this just in: Google’s ad revenue is now more than all of the combined ad revenues of all of the newspapers in America). And all hail Google’s extensive R&D department, which routinely grabs headlines as it spits out James Bond-style gadgets such as the famous Google Glasses and a car that car drive itself.

While it’s true that when a software maker gets into the hardware manufacturing game it tends to scare away investors, Google’s dalliances have actually hit more than they’ve missed, putting them in a good position to challenge the mighty Apple down the road. Way down the road.

All of this adds up to good things for Google and good things for you. But you’ve got to pull the trigger.