Get Ready For the Future Because Space Travel Just Got an Awesome Face Lift

By Jack Day

I have always been a serious lover of outer space and anything having to do with it. I even gave a presentation in college on the subculture of UFOlogists, but I never drove out to Area 51, as badly as I wanted to go. So when I saw this story about SpaceX’s spacecraft called the Crew Dragon, it made me all tingly inside just thinking about cruising up to the moon in this baby. And with serious space age design’s like the one, it seems more and more possible for a shmoe like myself.

Watch the video and see for yourself how sexy space travel can be. After all, space is the final frontier gentlemen.

How do you feel about space travel having watched this little clip from the Musker? Are you excited about what the future holds with SpaceX at the helm? Please tell us your thoughts and share this cool video with your family and friends.