Fries & Pizza Prove to Be a Good Motivational Tool For Citizens to Abide the Law

By Anne Cacherell

New Hampshire Police Department is motivating its entire community to become law-abiding citizens by issuing gift cards. Unlike the regular ticket that comes with a sanction, this one comes with a free fries & pizza. The whole idea was formulated by Farmington Police Chief Jay Drury. For the program to materialize, he teamed up with a local convenience store, Crowley’s Variety & Grill. The project resonated and caught the attention of an area credit union who instantly gave their initial donation to fund the program.

It is refreshing to see the concept of law enforcement from a different perspective. “Positive Ticketing” or issuing gift certificates to reward people for their good behavior is essentially motivating than just giving sanctions alone.

Police are looking not only for people who are violating the law but also for people who are abiding the law. Do you want to see the same type of project being implemented in your community? Let us know what’s on your mind?