For a Decade This Man Has Walked Over 40 Miles a Day to Get to Work, But Not Anymore

By Jack Day

This story is one that will really just blow your mind. This guy commutes over 40 miles to and from work everyday, by foot. He takes the bus as far as it runs and hoofs the rest. James Robertson has been doing this for over ten years ever since his last car finally quit on him. The long walks will soon be over, however, thanks to a student at Detroit’s Wayne State University named Evan Leedy who started a GoFundMe account in Robertson’s name. The goal was to reach $5,000 to help James buy a new car, but after the internet got wind of this the dough came pouring in and now the man has two car dealerships wanting to donate cars to him, as well as over $50,000 from his GoFundMe campaign. You know, it’s not nearly enough that we hear stories like this, am I wrong?

What do you think about James’s story? I could not imagine only spending 4 hours or less at home 5 days a week to just sleep. How about you? Do you have a crazy trek you have to make to work or school? Tell us your stories and share your experiences please!