Ezine Secrets – 4 Proven Steps to Guaranteed Success in Ezine Publishing

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By Fabian Tan

The internet is flooded with innumerable ezines and to create another one requires careful thought. The guaranteed success to ezine publishing can be achieved with prior planning and perfect execution which is as follows.

Step # 1:

The basic requirement of any ezine is to choose a product or service that appeal to the vast majority. This will enable you to get a good number of customers quickly. Moreover people tend to skip the sites which are more scholarly and weird.

Step # 2:

The second step lies in identifying the competitors and the services they offer to their customers. You should chalk out a program that offers better service and variety to the prospective customers.

Step # 3:

Market research must be conducted to know the preferences and wishes of the customers. This helps to create content that is received well by the customers and their feedback must be taken in the right spirit. The content creation must be authentic with valuable advice offered to the customers in a friendly manner.

Step # 4:

The frequency of publication of the ezine must be decided. Normally once a week is ideal and less than that the readers may not provide time to it. Some ezines are published fortnightly and monthly also. The basic aim of this exercise is to retain the customers for longer periods of time.

Step # 5:

Finally you can select either the free, subscription or affiliate marketing methods to generate revenue to the ezine. Customers can be allowed to sign up free but adequate slotting of ads or promoting products through affiliate marketing provides the revenue base to continue successfully.

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