Even With No Actual Heart This Man’s Life Just Got Much Better

By Jack Day

A medical first for the state of Michigan took place recently when 24 year old patient Stan Larkin went home after receiving a Total Artificial Heart. Normally those who are waiting to receive real hearts need to bridge the time in between by having one of these artificial hearts put in. Until recently that basically meant that you were living at the hospital until you got a new heart. Due to great improvements on portable equipment Stan was able to use a small compressor unit that powers his artificial heart, giving him the ability to go home. One can only imagine that the amazing people who invent all this technology will eventually get to the point where the machine actually works better than our own biological organs.

What did you think of Stan’s story? It’s pretty amazing how far science has come on the artificial heart. It is advancements like this one that fuels the imagination, and inspires people like Stan who can live a better life because of them. Do you have a story about a medical breakthrough? Please share your stories and thoughts with us!