Don’t Make These Business Blunders Again!

Image by: Alex E. Proimos
By Charles Lewis

Everybody makes mistakes. However, the key to success in life and in business is minimizing them or cutting them out all together. Your business venture can’t afford too many wrong turns before you end up heading down a dead end street with no way to turn it all around.

But that’s why you are reading this – you want to learn, you want to be successful. Good. That’s the sign of a businessman who is going places.

So let’s cut down on those mistakes, those business blunders that only hold you back. There’s more, so much more out there to learn, gentlemen …

Use Common Language

We are all very impressed with your vocabulary, so impressed that we didn’t understand what you just said. The same can happen to your potential customers if you use big words or too much industry jargon in your communications and marketing materials.

Cut the chatter down to simple words and phrases that even a simpleton can relate to. No one needs or wants to cue up the dictionary when they are simply trying to find a solution to their problem.

Hire People That Accurately Reflect Your Company’s Mission Statement

Do your employees really understand what you are trying to do in the marketplace or are they merely clocking a paycheck? Really get to know your staff because one wrong word from a know-nothing that answers the phone could sink your ship.

It happens more than you think, but you’ll never know because you weren’t there.

Your employees should be able to spout off your taking points with ease, as well as handle any inquiries with grace and knowledge – all with a smile and good communication skills.

Get An Extra Set Of Eyes On That Proof

Every day, I imagine hundreds of thousand of typos are made, often times costing the company a re-print or worse, lost sales revenue and repeated work. Get one of your trusted company folk to also look at that important proof before you send it back to the printer and they run off 100,000 of that new menu or brochure.

Despite what your girlfriend told you in bed last night, you aren’t superman. You will make mistakes.

Don’t be too proud to ask for help. You are looking for profits not a boost to your pride. Right?

Pay Attention To The World Around You

There are a lot of little things that can affect your business and ultimately your bottom line. What is the weather going to be like today? You better find out because you can apply that knowledge to your job scheduling, street-level marketing approaches and how you handle you employees.

Don’t find out from a customer that a gas line has burst around the corner and NO ONE will be allowed to walk down your street or leave your building. Keep your finger on the pulse of the neighborhood for better results all around.