Does Your Fashion Sense Go Cold During The Holidays?

Image by: stashabella
By Jason Bennett

Some men seemingly struggle with what to wear when the temperature dips below 50. Yes, we get it – it’s colder than a witch’s you-know-what out there. But that doesn’t excuse your decision to don that ratty old sweatshirt from college – you know, the one with the rips and the perpetual oil stain – underneath your stylish $300 jacket. You took the time and effort to pick out a great leather warmer, yet the care stops there.

Don’t be one of those guys. Have some fashion pride under that coat as well – you are going to have to take it off in public sometime, right?

So let’s focus on improving what’s underneath that jacket, starting with color choice. One of the big colors this year, according to Fashion Beans, is olive. This slightly drab (but majorly fab) color goes well below a wide variety of dark coats. And manufacturers are making this fantastic color more readily available across the spectrum of garments including pants, so you have no excuse not to partake.

You heard me – no excuse.

“Knitwear in olive tones are superb for layering, as they are highly unlikely to clash with the other colours you’ve incorporated into your outfit,” says a very British Alex Woodhall of Fashion Beans.

Another big hue is one of the new, more subdued burgundies that designers are fancying these days. But choose wisely, making sure that the burgundy you buy is much more earthy and muted than that red menace everyone rocked back in the day (and somehow managed to become the norm in far too many car interior color schemes). I still have nightmares.


Another “in” thing this year is ever-so-subtle patterns on button-down shirts, the kind that doesn’t require a tie. Instead of that – yawn – basic solid color you’ve been wearing since Jesus was born, go for a long sleeve enhanced with tasteful swirling lines. Be careful, however, as bolder strokes will work against you – you’ll end up looking like a set of Louis Vuitton luggage with legs.


As for accessories, scarves are both fashionable and functional. And they give the impression that you just got finished piloting a bi-plane in from Kitty Hawk, which is always cool. But make sure to have more than one scarf in your collection, preferably in colors such as crisp black and vintage off-white that can go with a variety of looks and textures. Hey, here’s an idea – cashmere. Yum.


Instead of the standard-bearer pullover grunge cap for your noggin, why not go a little more deluxe (and make a statement other than ‘I shop at Walmart’). There are a lot of cool hats out there, especially in leather and classic retro styles. Please note: the cool kids stay away from those funny-but-nerdy floppy-ear things from Canada, even if they are comfortable, practical, etc. If you keep your head straight and pick yourself up a unique lid, you can be stylish, warm and the envy of your friends.

Mmmm, envy.


And don’t forget the feet, fellas. The right pair of classic leather boots can make a winter ensemble as well as protect you from the conditions. And they are a solid investment, as a good pair of leather boots can last a lifetime – as long as you keep that cowhide in good shape.

Pick up your game and they’ll all notice, especially the ladies.