Comfort, Style, GPS, Wifi, and Air Scrubber? What Kind of Pajamas are these?

By Richard K. Noots

China has some new technology developing in its country. It started with a simple idea: make something comfortable and functional. The first idea was to make it have Wifi and GPS. Eventually, another idea got attached to the concept as well. Why not make clothing that cleans the air around you? Acting as a sort of humidifier, by splitting oxygen and water molecules into negatively charged free radicals.

So not only is it sleek, it does more for the environment than you do.

Fancy Suit 2
Image by: byBorre

Design sketch and components of BBSuit
Fancy Suit 3
Image by: byBorre

Not a lot of parts at all.
Fancy Suit 4
Image by: byBorre

Modeling! You go!
Fancy suit
Image by: byBorre

If this idea comes into fruition, just wearing it makes you a better person by a technicality, doesn’t it? Discuss below!