Check Out This Athlete’s Inspiring Message to a Kid Who’s Being Bullied For Stuttering

By Anne Cacherell

Eldrick Tont “Tiger” Woods, 14-time major winner and record-breaker, sends a touching letter of encouragement to a boy named Dillon, who’s being bullied for stuttering.

The story came to the public’s attention after LGPA player Sophie Gustafson, who is struggling with the same speech condition, shared the boy’s suffering to Golf Digest journalist Ron Sirak.

According to Gustafson, Dillon’s mother told her that Dillon attempted to end his life by jumping out of the window after being constantly teased and bullied by his classmates.

Having learned the boy’s heartbreaking story, Woods wrote the letter immediately and sent it to Dillon’s home address.

Check out Woods’ rapid and touching response regarding Dillon’s plight.


Suicide is not the answer to your life’s daily struggles. After learning the story, do you have a message to all bullies and their victims out there? Let your voice be heard by leaving us your comments below.