Broken Back or Marriage Proposal: Which is Worse

By Richard K. Noots

A Utah state athlete was filming a snowboarding video when he got the hilarious idea to make his proposal a bit of a shocker. He called his girlfriend and informed her that there was an accident on his film shoot. He didn’t land right, and broke his back. She, being the trusting, loving girlfriend she is, hurries down there to aid her ailing boyfriend. That’s when she gets the surprise of her life …


  1. Johnson60 says:

    That’s crazy! I think my wife would have knocked me out if I scared her like that when I was proposing. I have to give him credit for being creative, though.

  2. Leith38 says:

    I totally agree with you. My wife would have freaked out if I had done this to her. How was that girl not going crazy when she found out he hurt himself and then really didn’t hurt himself? These proposals are getting more and more crazy. I didn’t do anything like this when I proposed to my wife.

  3. karson says:

    I agree. She probably would have put me in that hospital bed. It’s a pretty novel way of proposing. Makes my proposal boring. Where would he come up with an idea like that?

  4. 67Pete says:

    We live in an attention seeking society and this is one of the best examples I have seen of this in a long time. Amazing that anyone would think of something this stupid???

  5. ACDude8 says:

    I agree 67Pete. I hate to say it, but it seems like the whole marrige proposal thing has gotten out of control. It`s been nice to see some of the creative ways that have been done, but this? It`s just too much.

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