Born With Both Legs Missing, This Man Didn’t Choose to Believe that He Would Never Walk

By Anne Cacherell

Blake Leeper, also known as The American Blade Runner, was born with both legs missing on August 31, 1989 in Kingsport Tennessee. His doctor said he could never walk, but he didn’t choose to believe it. He has worn prosthetic’s since he was 9 months old and still played baseball and basketball as a child.

At age 19, his father told him, “Everybody else won’t push you as hard as I will, and they will take it easy on you. They see your disability and they might feel sorry for you. But you finish every workout, and you finish everything like everybody else is doing and do it better.”

Taking his father’s words of encouragement as his inspiration, Leeper, now at the age of 25, has become a two-time silver and bronze medalist in the London Paralympic Games.

Leeper’s story and numerous achievements continue to inspire and give hope to other people. In an interview, he said, “You have to understand: The day I was born, the doctor said I would never walk. Reality is only what you make it. Do you believe that you’re a superstar? Then you are a superstar, and you manifest that into the world.”

This Paralympian, who believes that his challenges only make him a better and a stronger person, is truly a phenomenon in his field.

We all have our shares of problems and challenges in this lifetime. What’s important is that we don’t let the bad things that we experience outweigh the good ones. Do you consider yourself a strong person? Tell us what’s on your mind.