Be At the Top Of the List By Taking Full Advantage Of Facebook’s New Search Bar to Maximize Your Online Business

Image by: C_osett
By William Scott

I can still feel my entire body shaking, as if some giant monster was trying to wake me up in a not-so-subtle way. It was the first time I witnessed an earthquake.

I did what any civilized man would do in a life or death situation like this: went straight to the “What’s on your mind?” box and let my fears be known.

I was certain that I was the first person to post about the earthquake on Facebook, as my reaction time from shaking to posting was little less than 7 seconds.

What happened next baffled me. By the time I posted my “Earthquake!” status, I didn’t even make it to the first 50 posts on my News Feed.

“You’re kidding me, right?”

Not. One. Bit. That’s right; more than 50 of my Facebook friends were able to beat my “one word in seven seconds” mark. They were faster than me, they were hungrier than me, and they made me look like a social media grandpa.

“Nice story bro, but why should I care?”

Because MONEY.

You see, what the social media frenzy has created is an almost intrinsic need to be recognized. Why morning text your fiancée when you can post it as a status, tag her, and let the world know that chivalry isn’t dead?

That need for attention has transformed Facebook into a $245 billion dollar company, and its latest update can help you get a much bigger piece of that cake.

2 Trillion Public Posts at Your Disposal

Yup. You’re not dreaming buddy. Facebook has just handed you every single public post that has ever been written, along with all the other posts that are yet to come.

Statuses, conversations, comments, events; basically every word that has been publicly posted on Facebook is now available for the world to see.

How to Make Profit Out of It

As you first learned when starting your online business, there are two types of revenues you can get from a webpage:

  1. Ad Money
  2. Sales of products or services

Either way, they both need the same ingredient to exist: traffic. Prior to this update, the only practical way of achieving this was through Google’s search engine. Not anymore.

Google Search arranges all of its results in a hierarchical system based on number of visits per site. Getting your site to the top of the food chain is usually a long and slow process, unless you’re willing to pay your way up.

The great news is that Facebook’s new search bar will mimic Twitter’s M.O., organizing the results by live events’ relevance, public figures’ posts, trending topics, etc.

Creating a Facebook Page

It’s a whole new game for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) lovers, and I know how much you like to make money without getting even close to your wallet. If my guess is right, then you’re a man who loves the organic (and free) way of getting traffic.

Creating a Facebook page for your business is like hiring an entire marketing company, completely free. It becomes the portal between possible customers and your home page.

You no longer have to keep ruining the clean nature of your site by forcing words and phrases that don’t belong there just to get people to find you. Just write a short message with the magic words in it every time you post an article or any link from your webpage. It’s that simple my friend.

Now you have infinite ways of making your site available to every one of Facebook’s 1.5 billion users all across the globe.

Social Media Gladiator

The fact that Facebook has now the most sophisticated and profitable search bar doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take advantage of the benefits the other social media platforms have to offer you.

Get to know your clients. Although we are all different and unique as individuals, when combined together we usually tend to fit in multiple mass categories. It’s easier to find your perfect target group by understanding how people behave collectively.

  1. Participate on social media debates
  2. Identify and record the daily trending topics on Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc.
  3. Search for everything related to your market on those platforms to learn how people interact with your niche’s content

Assemble Everything Together

Now that you’ve found the connection between what people are looking for and what you have to offer them, lead them your way. Combine all the technicalities of your expertise with an SEO style of content filling and mix them up together on your Facebook Page. Think about it like a digital form of hunting and gathering.

The good thing about this is that you can constantly update your page’s material in order to match what’s happening live anywhere in the world.

People are no longer going to find you just for you Facebook Page’s name, but for every word mentioned inside that page.

This doesn’t mean you have to delete the previous SEO work from your site, quite the opposite. Imagine the possibilities of having your regular visits through your hard earned Google Search listings, while getting tons of new traffic using the amazing benefits of Facebook’s improved search bar. What it means is that you can deliver state of the art content on your site while using Facebook as a magnet to get there.

How do you compare Facebook’s new Search Bar capabilities with other social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram? Do you have any other idea to maximize traffic on your site using this tool? We’d love to hear you out! Tell us more on the comments section bellow and share on Facebook to spread the word.