All Self Sustaining Homes Should Have Awesome Names Like This One In Canada Known as “Freedom Cove”

By Jack Day

It’s always been a dream of mine to live in a secluded little place away from the rest of the world.  No neighbors, no cars, no annoying knocks on the door.  I’m not a hermit, I just enjoy the peace and quiet sometimes.  Well you can imagine my jealousy when I stumbled across this story about a couple who spent their lives constructing their own self sustaining home in a remote lake cove in Canada.

Wayne Adams, 66, and Catherine King, 59 are the kind of people who truly appreciate everything nature has to offer, so they decided it was all they would ever need.  Constructed in 1992 and always being updated, “Freedom Cove” is made up of 12 separate floating platforms and sits near an acre of land where the couple do all of their cultivation.  The home has 5 greenhouses, an art museum where Catherine no doubt displays some of her artwork, a dance floor, and even a lighthouse that serves as a guest house.

Visitors make the trek to the coast of Vancouver Island British Columbia during the summer months just to marvel at what Wayne and Catherine have created.  They welcome the tourists and take time out from their daily activities of wood carving, painting, dancing, writing, and creating music to share their love for a sustainable lifestyle.

Check out these photos of their Earthy cove and see if there vision of sustainability is your cup of tea.  We all have to do our part in conservation and I think Mr. Adams and Mrs. King have provided a great set of blueprints for the rest of us, even if we don’t all have awesome remote lake coves.














Could you live here? I could!  It would be so cool to have your own slice of life like this that you built with your own two hands.  Please share your comments and tell us what you think!