A Final Wish for a Dying Cancer Patient Brings Rapper Eminem Bedside

By Jack Day

An entire community in Michigan is mourning the death of 17 year old Gage Garmo. The teen had a rare bone cancer known as osteosarcoma and had been fighting for quite some time. His final wish was to meet his idol, rapper Eminem. As fate would play out, the superstar came through after Gage’s friends staged a Twitter campaign to get the rapper’s attention. With some support from the non-profit group The Rainbow Connection Gage and his idol met and hung out for a few hours without the event being a media circus. The very next day Gage lost his battle with cancer. Even though is ended in Gage’s passing it is inspiring to see how many people from all walks of life came together on behalf of this one boy. Very moving stuff.

What did you think of Gage’s story? Do you feel any differently towards Eminem? Either way it is always nice to see a celebrity do things like this. It reminds us that the real power in life is human connection. Do you have any stories about meeting your life long idol? If so please share any thoughts and tell us what it was like! All comments are much appreciated and highly encouraged!