A Bond Between This Man & His Loyal Companion Makes For Inspiring Photography

By Jack Day

Troy Moth could tell you some interesting stories I’m sure.  He grew up on a tree planting camp in the woods of Canada where he lived in a tent for the early part of his life.  Then the world came calling and Troy answered.  His passion for photography has led him as far away as India, all across the U.S. and finally back to Canada where he now resides.

Along the way he made a friend in an adopted dog and after some months of coxing her back to being trusting, the two have been inseparable.  Troy has taken her everywhere he goes and gives her the freedom to run wild and explore as she wants.  It was one of the things Trot knew she needed after being crated for most of her life.  Since they started their travels together the pooch has gotten to smell the floor of the deepest forests, look out over majestic mountain ranges while enjoying the rush of the wind, and scatter across frozen lakes at top speed.  These photos document some of the highlights of their adventures.













Nothing is more sacred than the bond between a man and his trusty dog, something Troy knows very well.  He also knew that in order for his new friend to enjoy life the way it was meant to be, he needed to let her experience the open world.  Truly a touching tale about a man and his dog.  What do you think of Troy’s story?  I know one thing, that dog has seen way more cool places than me!  Please share your thoughts and leave your comments below!