It’s Time to Learn What the 5 Most Effective Habits Are Of Successful Men In 2016

Image by: tom_bullock
By Dexter Lunde

I could give you the scientific research that backs the success rates of businessmen who wake up early. I could tell you the statistics of rich men that use to-do lists every day (81%). I could even tell you the percentage of wealthy men who read for a half an hour each day or more – for business and/or pleasure (88%). However, those numbers won’t mean much if you can’t put a face on those numbers.

So here are a few successful and well-known men who have reached success in 2014 and their effective habits which keep them in great shape and achieving their goals. Grab some inspiration and steal some effective habits from an up and coming digital marketing specialists, one of the three men in a blooming industry, a man who’s worked with the best of them, and a successful publisher, lawyer, and dad.

Staying Organized Like a BAMF

David Bradley is a digital marketing specialist from Not to mention a self-made man and copywriter. So how did he achieve success? First he had to overcome his self-imposed limitations. Everyone has their own personal demons and battles to face. He was able to overcome those hurdles with reflection and introspection which opened the door to conquering what was holding him back.

He keeps organized by utilizing routine, calendars, and scheduling tasks like a boss. “My number one tool is simple: recurring events on my calendar. I use it for everything I can so I don’t have to worry about remembering things. From oil changes and tire rotations, to reaching out to important people in my life, to bill payments, and so on. Every item you can automate alleviates free time and mental energy.”

So what advice does he have to give to the new entrepreneurs out there? “Act with integrity, be genuine, and be aggressive. Most people don’t find success because they give up. When you have a gritty, never-say-never attitude, you find success.”

Waking Up INSANELY Early

Waking up early is hard for some people. It’s dark out. What if you wake your wife or the kids? What do you do when it’s so quiet? But for many successful entrepreneurs and businessmen, waking up early is a must in order to be more productive.

General Motors’ CEO Dan Akerson told AP that he rarely sleeps in past 4:30 or 5 in the morning and he’s completely content with that.

Brett Yormark is the New Jersey Nets CEO (and the youngest CEO in the NBA). He is up and out the door by 4 in the morning so that he can get to his office by 4:30 to send out motivational e-mails to his team. Talk about a morning person.

Still don’t believe that morning is a great time to get stuff done? Frank Lloyd Wright was up at 4am so that he could jot down some sketches and write down ideas. He said that he had his best ideas in between 4 AM and 7 AM. That’s before most people wake up in the morning. Of course, he would also work for about three or four hours in the morning and take a quick cat nap before re-starting his day.

It’s like Benjamin Franklin always said, “Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.”

Work Harder than the Guy Sitting Next to You

Gregg Weisstein is one of the three founders of BloomNation. Along with Farbod Shoraka and David Daneshgar, Gregg spends a lot of his time (about 12 hours a day) working with a his staff for their company which Entrepreneur has called one of the “Top 5 Sizzling Silicon Beach Startup to Watch” and has received millions in funding by top investors, led by venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz.

“I’m coming from two different worlds, with a background in consulting and a new age tech start-up. It’s so different. These days I don’t want to come to work dressed formally because our environment is laid back. The average age of our team is in the twenties.” But while the attire of their office is Casual Friday-everyday, he shows them what is expected of them by example. “I work hard and I show them.” It’s the best of both worlds at their office: a laid back atmosphere with a dedicated focus.

“Work hard,” he advises new businessmen. “I definitely believe in hard work. You gotta work hard to get what you want. I want to make sure that I’m working harder than the guy sitting next to me. It all stems from the fear of failure. As long as I know that I’m working hard, it’s not as big of a fear to deal with.”

Staying Fit for Business

Kyle Erickson is the Vice President of Lucid Public Relations, a company who have had business from celebrities like Montel Williams to huge organizations like NASA.

He may be a busy man but he knows how to prioritize when it comes to staying informed and healthy. “I always read the news first thing in the morning to stay abreast of any breaking stories that I may need to tackle when I arrive at the office. I like to exercise after work, as I find I am most productive with business-related activities early in the day.”

He also has a realistic and effective strategy that he calls the 85-15 Principle. “I follow the 85-15 principle: 85% of the time I eat healthy, and 15% of the time I splurge on a burger, fries or pizza. This way I can stay mostly healthy and not get bored with my clean eating habits.”

Stephen Lesavich is both an author and an entrepreneur, having founded his own law firm and award winning publishing company, Coconut Avenue.

Stephen is both a business man and a family man. Being able to juggle both worlds can be hard for anyone. He makes it through by making sure that when he’s home, he is there for his family. “Cherish every moment. I have two children who are now teenagers. When my kids were small I made it a point to keep a balanced life, spend time with my kids, and do things I needed to do when they were taking naps or were put to bed. My oldest son is leaving for college in 2 years. It’s hard for me to believe.”

When he’s not working and being a great dad, he’s working on self-improvement. “I always make exercise and healthy eating a priority. I am a runner.” This year, he trained for the Chicago Marathon.

“My neighbors think I am crazy if I have to miss a morning or daily workout and I start out for a run at 10:00 pm. I am sticking to my marathon training schedule no matter how tired I am or what drama may come up in my life.”

Businessmen are Great Storytellers

All businessmen are effective communicators. They know the importance of being able to clearly define their goals to their business associates, partners, and their shareholders. They know that effective communication in the office leads to clear instructions, focused minds, and achievements. They also know the power of a story.

Your brand must tell a story to your target market. This story must resonate with them in order to form a connection and bond. A great example of this is IKEA, whose target market are college students and budding families. Does their story resonate with their target market? Their revenues from the last year (25 billion Euros) says, “Yes, it does.”