3 Quick Ways To A Better Appearance

Image by: Ashley MacKinnon
By Phillip K. Issa

We all want to look like a million bucks, right? Looking like bank is the sign of a successful man. Well, sometimes we lose track of certain elements of our appearance and we start to look a little less awesome than usual. We get lazy … or in a relationship.

That’s OK, you can still right the ship before you start to look like you are homeless, or worse, grunge.

While the looking homeless jab is by all measures extreme, it serves a purpose to wake you up. Are you awake now? Good. You have worked so long and so hard to look this good, while spoil it now?

Get back in the game with these three appearance primers:

1 – Perfect Your Posture

Great posture screams power, agility and personal attention to detail. While workout junkies will most likely have decent posture, there is always room for improvement. Make sure to balance your workouts so that you do at least half of your reps in a posture positive position.

Pay attention to your back, it is a big deal.

Don’t be a lunatic about it, though. But by paying even the littlest bit of mind to your posture, you will start to notice “the slouch” and be able to improve it. Women do not respond well to slouches.

Still can’t get it together? There are many training garments available that will help your body learn what good posture is.

2 – Only Wear Ironed Or Pressed Clothes

That wrinkled look was cool when you were in college. But now, we’re playing for real, boss man. Women and business associates will both respond better to a man who has nicely pressed slacks and a crisp shirt. Mmm crisp.

With a dapper appearance, women will think that you are less of a fixer-upper looking for a mom-maid figure and more of balls to the wall go-getter who can take care of themselves. And go-getters get the goods, if you know what I am saying.

That group you are meeting in the conference room will respond 1000 times more to your ideas when they are mesmerized by your amazing ensemble.

3 – Pay Attention To Body Hair

Hey, hair bear, get it together. As you get older, hair starts to grow from places you didn’t even know you had hair follicles. Well, we don’t like looking at it, so do something about it.

There is nothing metro about plucking, shaving and trimming – as long as you don’t go overboard with the eyebrows, arm hair and ultra-thin beard. Leave something manly for them to look at.

TV’s Dr. House famously let his beard get the best of him, and he looked disheveled, almost maniacal (and he didn’t do too well with the ladies, either). Too sculpted a look and you’ll wind up looking like Carrot Top on a bad day (he’s absolutely frightening).

There is a happy medium in there somewhere … find it.